Saturday, 8 January 2011

I’ve sort of left my blog to suffer a little bit and I forgot my password too which hasn’t helped  so, I’m going to update it much as possible and what I’ve doing, for this print project .I want to create a small book of the different animals that I’ve used in the is print making project, having different materials that I’ve used which has also been in influenced by the research that I’ve looked in to artist and other books that have used different ways of presenting. For this book idea that I have for the animals, I’ve been inspired by visiting the Sherlock Holmes museum on Baker street. As of the the house is full of old Victorian things which I mainly liked the look of the old books and the framed butterflies (emtonogly) also visiting Norwich castle museum and looking into their Victorian displays 
From visiting these places, it has given me more of an
Idea where to head for book idea of animals, which I
Would want to use the different animals that I have
Drawn and in vole them in to a small book, in a way
having this little book, small collection of animals like the natural history museum .As of looking from looking at these inspirations I would like my work to have an old look about it, maybe the use of the materials, That I could use and from another project with alternative greetings card, I used old envelopes and letters that I brought from old junk shops.

So from using older materials in the other project, I would want to use them in this project. In the other project I made the card more interactive with the viewer, were they had to open the envelope like a present, so from this I would like to make the book, to in vole the reader by opening little pockets.

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