Saturday, 8 January 2011

From using these different materials, and in my sketchbook creating small collages, I’ve looked at “Hannah Hoch” because of her work and the use of collage, but ‘m also a little interested in the zeitgeist of the time and thought to write a little about it. Hannah Hoch being known for her involvement in the Dada movement in Berlin but thought this time, many historical events happened, political unrest in the early thirties, which lead to the Third Reich and world war two.
But her work had more of Feminism outlook as when she was working at “Verlang” she targeted women trying making them aware of the difference of women in the media and reality. As of working  within the Dada movements ,it sort of started the being of “Photomontage”.

From looking at her work, I really liked this piece as the use of different collected emphrma, creating composition of over laying the different materials  making it interesting, which I‘ve used in my work by collecting different emphrma.

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