Sunday, 14 November 2010

In print making have changed my ideas, from the buildings into the book idea but feeling that some of the prints I have done of the buildings can be used for experimenting ideas with. What I’m wanting to create, is with animals, trapped or protected-which I feel that it’s both, on having the idea of going ahead with the book idea, which I thought about and experimented with, trying to make 3d, but due to the time I have left, was on thinking about creating a small book of animals (from my drawings.) but from the photographs taken at the zoo, of some of the enclosures, working with this, so creating one page of the enclosure having this as the cut-out of the enclosure and seeing animal behind it, then turning the page over to see the animal behind it. I really want to use mixed media and collage, but wanting to make the viewer involved when looking through the book by creating, well maybe creating pockets and having little things hidden, which I’ll have to expand on from this  I feel I can expand on  this, but worrying that my sketchbook will not be good enough for the midway review.

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