Sunday, 31 October 2010

Charlotte Slade 25/10/10
This week was the independent learning week, so I was trying, mange my time in print making other projects, but managed to do seven screen prints with the buildings (photographs and line drawing buildings too.) and two linocuts. In my screen prints I learnt that the image was a bit grainy, so next time when I’m using bitmap on them I will have to make them less grainy and more clear, this happened  more in the sky than on the building itself. But with the lino-cuts I started to use different backgrounds, by printing with lace then using a lighter colour with the lino-cut to show both layers. I spent all of Monday in the print making studio. The printmaking, was different, as back in college we didn’t have the tables, as we do hear so, learning how the tables worked and the care of them, and the different pressure and the amount of ink can cause different looks for each print. With the lace printed on the lino cuts, I’ve started to look into Sara Fanelli’s work in “Sometime I think ,sometimes I am” with the use prints and collage, From this I should work and harder, by creating different backgrounds and textures  to work on and to use in collage. As from this and looking at No brow website, I like the idea of the print being in a book form.

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  1. Good start Charlotte but don't forget to use the blog instructions I have given you as a way to inquiring and thoughtfully expressing your own visual language. Caroline Baruah