Thursday, 21 October 2010

Charlotte Slade 18/10/10
I think that from this week I only did two linocut prints as of starting screen-printing (preparing the screen), which I was waiting for the screen to dry. I spent Monday in the print making studio during teaching time. We had a demonstration on preparing the screen, which to add positives after the light liquid was dried on to the screen, most of the day was spent on the computer, sorting out my drawings from my sketch book which would be turned in to positives for my screen (from which we were showed how to turn our images into bitmap, so it work on our screens and the colour would work too. When the positives were placed on the screen and exposed to the light (having to use health and safety rule with the light.) the positives seemed to work, by was the access liquid light away, you could see the images clearly. From this it has given me ideas, for the silk screen printing, to print on different backgrounds, collage based and different textured paper, or photographs. I’m disappointed at myself for sitting at a computer most of the day, and not working faster to get the screen done, but I think that I’ll have to push myself to work more. But the screen is set up to start printing on now, so hopefully it will be more productive.

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