Sunday, 17 October 2010

Charlotte Slade    17/10/10

This week in printmaking, I started to use linocuts which I’ve never used before. I found that it was hard to cut into and my main worry was the linocut not being neat and having straight lines to make the print look better. I only made two prints, which I not is not enough,but after the making those prints and learning how to use the print press and a quick demo on screen printing, I started to cut out another linocut of a drawing from my sketchbook(two Meer Kats standing on top the building, Which I’ve started to look at the environment around us and the animals, to see if we are trapped or protected .So from these Meer Kats, they are standing on a building, which I cut out a few windows, so that’s the reason why I made only a few prints.) But from the linocuts, I’ve learnt by cutting back parts of the lino and using different inks can lead to effective prints.
From the Printing Resource sheet, I found a few artists that I found interesting and, wanting to the research further onto. My first Artist that I came across was Charles Fazzino; he creates silkscreen prints, and then creates them into 3D prints, by layering the prints to empathize certain parts of the print. I thought that his work is too bright and garish; I was more interested in the method he uses to create his work, as I’ve been thinking about how to make my work more 3D than 2D.My other Resource was from the Nobrow website, on the Nobrow press, an artist called “Nick White” were he has created a book called “People I’ve never met and conversations I’ve never had.”I love how he used mixed media, ephemera from vintage magazines and having this experimental composition on each page, and the different types of conversation ,which gave me the idea to use, parts of conversations from the zoo(from different people around the zoo) to make my own book idea about the strange comments from different people at the zoo.
The questions about the project/programme was if we could make it 3D as well 2D- we read the brief which it says that we should make the” outcome;creative,imaginative,discoverd though  your own experimentation....” and the outcome does not have to a print either. Which this  solved our question.

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