Monday, 22 November 2010

Looking on and came across tugboat boat printshop
Tugboat Printshopand thought how amazing this wood carving was and had to add it on my blog,just because it's awesome!=)
Charlotte Slade 22/11/10
How many prints did you make this week?
I made about five prints today, and a few lino cuts, which I made this really little frog, which I want to show about the size which from watching “The Zoo.”
How many of these prints taught you something new this week?
I would say that it hasn’t taught me something new but, making me think of how my final piece could be, and how to it further.
Competence in practical printmaking techniques?

With this,Ive tryed to show the different use of size and starting to think of it more compositional  on the page.
Thoughtful and imaginative use of printmaking?
I’ve printed on to fabric with this I’m going to start working in to this, exploring and experimenting with it.
Using research to expand knowledge, enrich thinking and affect your work?
From this I’ve been looking into Hannah hoch’s work, which I’m going to expand on more with this, as I find her work quite interesting and the zeitgeist ,from this there will be another blog entry ,more in-depth of her work.
Active participation in the taught lesson?
Only really of the printing press and much wadding of paper that is placed in the press ,which can make it easy to work or not.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Charlotte Slade
How many prints did you make this week?
I made about four to five prints this week. Which I think that I could have done a few more but now knowing what to do and having a few more ideas, to help me, which also having the midway review helped in what I can do next.
How many of these prints taught you something new this week?
From this I scratched in to the surface of the lino cut instead of cutting through the linocut, and that having to be more firm when scratching into the linocut, which I drew a penile drawing of a sloth, showing the fur with individual pen strokes which I tried to redo on to the linocut, but having to be more firm with the lines then I was, trying to show the lines more pronounced.

Competence in practical printmaking techniques?
I’ve attempt  to show different use of line in linocut than the other prints which I have done, which I feel that I want to work more with and experiment with.
Thoughtful and imaginative use of printmaking?
I’ve started to print onto fabric which, I would want to start working into, by sewing different things into it, so with the sloth ,sew onto the lines of the leaves maybe appliqué other materials in to the print as from reading the book “Printmaking and mixed media” and starting to print on to different backgrounds, which from watching “The Zoo”  on itv (programme about London zoo) and saying how they ask other zoos to borrow their animals, so maybe print on to envelopes with the use of stamps and writing on top of it.
Using research to expand knowledge, enrich thinking and affect your work?
From researching on  a blog which shows new artists works and interviews with the artist themselves, I came across two artist   I came across her work on the pikaland blog and thought that her work was lovely and just the way how it is.  who have been inspirational to me and given a few ideas of where to take my own ideas, even though that they’re not printmakers, with Christina song’s work collages and just the way how they are presented, and I find them really beautiful to look at and they are inspiration for to create more collages to further my research on the collage idea form Sara Fanelli.Seeing  were she commented on making small rubber stamps, which made think about the size of my animals ,and making small lino cuts to emphize the size of the animals ,so from this I will have to expand on this.
Active participation in the taught lesson?
This week it was the midway review, from which I know where to take my work, as I have to draw more animals, which a useful tip was given to me, by watching nature programmes to draw the animals from ,which there is a the “The Zoo” and that I should look at my work more critically and what I have done.
On Tuesday, the second years had a quest speaker, which we came along to see as well, were it was about books and the way how they were printed and the colours which were important to think about, as of thinking to create my own book in printmaking, but I was thinking about the size mainly, and seeing there, that they had really little books which was lovely to see, and on seeing, that I want to create little book ,having little pokects and hidden things .

Sunday, 14 November 2010

In print making have changed my ideas, from the buildings into the book idea but feeling that some of the prints I have done of the buildings can be used for experimenting ideas with. What I’m wanting to create, is with animals, trapped or protected-which I feel that it’s both, on having the idea of going ahead with the book idea, which I thought about and experimented with, trying to make 3d, but due to the time I have left, was on thinking about creating a small book of animals (from my drawings.) but from the photographs taken at the zoo, of some of the enclosures, working with this, so creating one page of the enclosure having this as the cut-out of the enclosure and seeing animal behind it, then turning the page over to see the animal behind it. I really want to use mixed media and collage, but wanting to make the viewer involved when looking through the book by creating, well maybe creating pockets and having little things hidden, which I’ll have to expand on from this  I feel I can expand on  this, but worrying that my sketchbook will not be good enough for the midway review.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Charlotte Slade 25/10/10
This week was the independent learning week, so I was trying, mange my time in print making other projects, but managed to do seven screen prints with the buildings (photographs and line drawing buildings too.) and two linocuts. In my screen prints I learnt that the image was a bit grainy, so next time when I’m using bitmap on them I will have to make them less grainy and more clear, this happened  more in the sky than on the building itself. But with the lino-cuts I started to use different backgrounds, by printing with lace then using a lighter colour with the lino-cut to show both layers. I spent all of Monday in the print making studio. The printmaking, was different, as back in college we didn’t have the tables, as we do hear so, learning how the tables worked and the care of them, and the different pressure and the amount of ink can cause different looks for each print. With the lace printed on the lino cuts, I’ve started to look into Sara Fanelli’s work in “Sometime I think ,sometimes I am” with the use prints and collage, From this I should work and harder, by creating different backgrounds and textures  to work on and to use in collage. As from this and looking at No brow website, I like the idea of the print being in a book form.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

I think that the time setting is wrong on here,hav'nt figured it out,how to change it yet.
Charlotte Slade 18/10/10
I think that from this week I only did two linocut prints as of starting screen-printing (preparing the screen), which I was waiting for the screen to dry. I spent Monday in the print making studio during teaching time. We had a demonstration on preparing the screen, which to add positives after the light liquid was dried on to the screen, most of the day was spent on the computer, sorting out my drawings from my sketch book which would be turned in to positives for my screen (from which we were showed how to turn our images into bitmap, so it work on our screens and the colour would work too. When the positives were placed on the screen and exposed to the light (having to use health and safety rule with the light.) the positives seemed to work, by was the access liquid light away, you could see the images clearly. From this it has given me ideas, for the silk screen printing, to print on different backgrounds, collage based and different textured paper, or photographs. I’m disappointed at myself for sitting at a computer most of the day, and not working faster to get the screen done, but I think that I’ll have to push myself to work more. But the screen is set up to start printing on now, so hopefully it will be more productive.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Charlotte Slade    17/10/10

This week in printmaking, I started to use linocuts which I’ve never used before. I found that it was hard to cut into and my main worry was the linocut not being neat and having straight lines to make the print look better. I only made two prints, which I not is not enough,but after the making those prints and learning how to use the print press and a quick demo on screen printing, I started to cut out another linocut of a drawing from my sketchbook(two Meer Kats standing on top the building, Which I’ve started to look at the environment around us and the animals, to see if we are trapped or protected .So from these Meer Kats, they are standing on a building, which I cut out a few windows, so that’s the reason why I made only a few prints.) But from the linocuts, I’ve learnt by cutting back parts of the lino and using different inks can lead to effective prints.
From the Printing Resource sheet, I found a few artists that I found interesting and, wanting to the research further onto. My first Artist that I came across was Charles Fazzino; he creates silkscreen prints, and then creates them into 3D prints, by layering the prints to empathize certain parts of the print. I thought that his work is too bright and garish; I was more interested in the method he uses to create his work, as I’ve been thinking about how to make my work more 3D than 2D.My other Resource was from the Nobrow website, on the Nobrow press, an artist called “Nick White” were he has created a book called “People I’ve never met and conversations I’ve never had.”I love how he used mixed media, ephemera from vintage magazines and having this experimental composition on each page, and the different types of conversation ,which gave me the idea to use, parts of conversations from the zoo(from different people around the zoo) to make my own book idea about the strange comments from different people at the zoo.
The questions about the project/programme was if we could make it 3D as well 2D- we read the brief which it says that we should make the” outcome;creative,imaginative,discoverd though  your own experimentation....” and the outcome does not have to a print either. Which this  solved our question.

Monday, 4 October 2010


Hello! I'm Charlotte slade,and which I'm starting a blog while at uni (and most likely afterwards to.).Mostly it will be about art and other funny things,but it will be a little while before I start blogging,but not to long! speak soon xox